About Us

Experts in Technology Brokering

The asset protection technology industry is constantly evolving and improving, meaning experts need to stay on top of industry changes to offer the best security solutions. Image Bi’s founder, Weston Perry, has been a frontrunner in the security and surveillance industry for almost 20 years. His experience is invaluable to keep our client’s assets protected with the most up-to-date asset protection technology and systems on the market. To further our mission of providing the best asset protection systems and solutions, we have partnered with Fortecho Solutions, whose state-of-the-art security system technology has been used to protect a variety of high-value assets throughout Europe.

Why Choose Us?

In any industry, experience is the key to providing quality customer service. What makes Image Bi stand out is that not only does our company have over 10 years of experience in the asset protection technology industry, but our founder, Mr. Perry, has made significant contributions to the overall asset protection industry along the way. Some of his contributions include:

  • Deploying some of the first IP cameras

  • Installing the first megapixel or HD camera on a casino floor

  • Facilitating one of the first internet protocol (IP) camera deployments in the country

  • Pioneered the usage of digital video surveillance systems, more commonly known as DVRs

  • Utilized the first integrated security, environmental control, and surveillance systems

  • And more!

It is this level of knowledge and understanding of the surveillance industry that has led Image Bi to provide its clients with quality customer service, maintaining a 100% client retention rate.

Image Bi is an asset protection technology broker with the knowledge and experience you need to feel reassured that your assets are being more than adequately protected. Read through our services to learn how we can help you today with our art security systems and advanced asset protection technologies.